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ROD Curling Iron vs3

ROD Curling Iron vs3

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ROD Curling Iron vs3
Curling Iron for perfect curls
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The ROD Curling Iron VS3 by HH Simonsen turns your curls into fantastic Hollywood curls. The diameter of 19mm at the top and 25mm on the handle assures the perfect curls. A special ceramic technology by HH Simonsen enables easy application without sticking - so the curls stay well bundled. The surface of the curling iron made of aluminum and teflon makes an soft utilisation possible.

Just divide the hair into thin, individual strands and then wrap them around the curling iron. The longer the hair is exposed to the curling iron, the more intense the curling effect. The evenly over the iron distributed temperature protects the hair and leaves a shiny and frizz-free styling.

The movable cable and the non-slip grip make it easier to use too.

When buying a ROD Curling Iron VS3 you get a two year warranty.

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