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Nyhed Hot Brush

Nyhed Hot Brush

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Nyhed Hot Brush
Straightener and brush
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Protect your hair against wear and tear, and save time every day thanks to the Nyhed Hot Brush by HH Simonsen. This new and revolutionary HH Simonsen® Nyhed Hot Brush is a brush and a straightening iron at the same time. Your hairs becomes uniquely smooth and shiny. In addition, you are up to five times faster done with the styling than with a conventional straightener.

The brush does not jam your and protect it so against breakage. The gentle warmth will reach every strand of hair and also the scalp will be massaged. This increases the blood circulation and your hair will be healthier and more vital.

The HH Simonsen® Nyhed Hot Brush is made of specially heat-resistant material. Thus, burns will be prevented and your hair will be efficiently protected against heat damage.

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