Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray

Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray

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Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray
Activating spray against hair loss
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Size: 125ml

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Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray from Goldwell removes dead hair gently and effectively counteracts formation. The growth phase of hair is extended thanks Procapil, t-flavanones and menthol. Anchors hair better in the scalp and stimulates circulation , so that the scalp is activated. When using the spray, the natural balance of your hair and scalp will be restored. The spray regulates and calms, thanks to innovative care technology and special ingredient complex. Hair growth is noticeably strengthened and prevents premature hair loss.


The Spray can be applied in wet and dry hair. Spray directly on the scalp and massage with your fingers. Then do not rinse.


Thanks to an Inner Effect regeneration technology with a long lasting effect. Results after only one application are visible and tangible through a system of deeply effective amplifiers and nano-capsules. Nourishing substances are transported deep into your hair. Proteins enhance volume and invigoration. Lipids ensure adequate moisture and more supple. Thanks to an active color protection system with UV filters and scavengers, hair color is protected effectively.


In order to achieve an optimum result, previous washing with ultra-mild Calming Shampoo is recommended.

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Hair type Thin hair 
Scalp Dandruff, Hair loss, Scalp soothing, Thin hair
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