Inner Effect

Inner Effect

Deep regeneration for long-lasting hair perfection. The innovative program for instant care and hair regeneration, for in-salon application and home care.
InnerEffect Regeneration Technology: The Deep Regeneration with long lasting effect provides individual treatments for instantly noticeable care after only one application. A unique system of deep acting catalysts and nano-capsules transports conditioners deep into the hair. Proteins for increased volume and strength. Moisturizing lipids for improved suppleness. Active colour protection system with UV filters and radicals-removing ingredients protects the hair colour.
For long lasting improvement of the hair structure after just one application. Exclusive, yet simple application tailored to increase suppleness, volume and strength in the hair. Comprehensive, yet compact retail range to extend the benefits of the salon treatment.

Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray

Goldwell Inner Effect - Regulate Hair Active Spray


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