Style - Straight & Smooth Spray

Style - Straight & Smooth Spray


Style - Straight & Smooth Spray
Spray for long lasting smoothing hair

Size: 120ml

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The Style - Straight & amp; Smooth Spray can control frizzy hair in no time while blow-drying and hair is noticeably smooth , Due to the high concentration of active ingredients unruly hair gets a smooth and smooth finish . The patented ghd heat protection system additionally protects hair against heat damage effectively. The Style - Straight & amp; Smooth Spray creates a long lasting smooth look and avoids frizz and protruding hair.


Before the start blow drying or using a Stylers 4-6 sprays in the damp or dry hair.


Do you want to refresh your hair in between, then spray before using a Stylers a few puffs of the Sprays in dry hair.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  Smoothing 
Marke GHD

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