Aura Hairdryer

Aura Hairdryer


Aura Hairdryer
Hairdryer for optimal styling while blow-drying
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The GHD Aura hairdryer styles your hair perfectly during blow-drying. Stunning volume , smoothness, and shiny finish can be achieved by two pioneering technological innovations. The new Laminair ™ technology offers up to 42% more concentrated, non-turbulent airflow in comparison to other hairdryers. This allows exceptional styling precision to swirl hair and work on a streak, so you can control your hair. The innovative Cool-Wall ™ Aura hairdryer features a low noise level. Compared to its predecessor, it is 27% quieter and lighter for a more comfortable foehn and styling experience.


- Exceptional styling precision and hair control is achieved through our innovative Laminair ™ technology .

- Thanks to Cool-Wall ™ technology a ring of cold air surrounds your hair, the hot air from the heat gun feels like an aura .

- Compared to its predecessor, the brushless motor is smaller, lighter, quieter, more energy efficient and longer lasting .

- The ion technology minimizes the static charge of your hair without protruding more hairs .

- The cold switching function can be fixed immediately to allow styling.

- The 4m long power cord gives maximum flexibility while blow-drying .

- The weight of the hair dryer is reduced by a special external power supply .

- The removable air filter is easy to clean .

- Better control while styling allows variable power and temperature control .


The package includes the GHD Aura ™ professional hairdryer and a Konzentrierdüse with Cool-Wall ™ technology.


Comes with 2 year warranty.

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Hair type More volume  More shine 
Marke GHD

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