GA.MA is the best address when it comes to hair styling devices! Smoothing and curling irons as well as hairdryers - you'll find everything that makes the heart of a hairstylist beat faster. GA.MA hair styling tools are developed with the knowledge of many years of experience. Whether you prefer a curly or smooth style, with your GA.MA styling tool, your look succeeds!

Ga.Ma Professional is the world leaderin the field of technological innovation of professional styling iron.

Established in 1969 in Bologna, the Italian company has produced some of the most important innovationfor the professional hair styling market.

So Ga.Ma was the first manufacturer of flat iron coated with ceramic and the Laser Ion Technology integrated to prevent that the hair dries out. Other innovations include the new Turmalin-coat of styling iron, as well as gentle hair dryers that are based on far infrared heat or halogen technologies.

Ga.Ma Italy Professional thus combines passion of research and development, with creativity and technical refinement to offer every consumer the right product.

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