Pre Color Shampoo

Pre Color Shampoo


Pre Color Shampoo
Preparing shampoo before coloring

Size: 250ml

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Perfect preparation for any coloration with the Directions Pre Color Shampoo! The specially developed shampoo helps to free your hair from any substances such as residues and opens the dandruff layer of the hair to make an optimal color absorption possible. With Directions Pre Color Shampoo, your hair becomes more grippy and the shine of the Directions Coloration comes to life. It is also possible to use only the shampoo, even if you do not want to color your hair but offer your hair a deep cleansing.

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Spread the needed amount of the Directions Pre Color Shampoo in the hair and make it foam up. After an approx. 5-minute exposure time rinse your hair thoroughly and start with the coloring process or care.

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