The highly professional hairbrushes from Denman are used exclusively in hair salons and are now available on The world's most popular hairbrushes made by the brand Denman Brush are characterized by many years of experience. The philosophy: quality hair brushes for daily hair Care, constructed so that hair shines fascinating and healthy


Denman brushes - Quality

With the approval from the hairdressing legend Vial Sassoon, Denman hair brushes became famous all over the world. Especially haidressers prefer the Denman hair brushes since they are the perfect tools to use creatively for brilliant bobs or curls. Already back then, the 7-row D3 brush, which is still a basic product of the whole range, was promoted as easy to clean and rubber brush. Not only have they mdoernized the design of the brushes, but nowadays all Denmans hair brushes withstand chemicals, heat, sterilized fabrics and are packaged with a hygiene guarantee.

Denman still develops and sells with the motto 'from hairdressers for hairdressers'. That's exactly why, Denman hair brushes are the most popular ones among hairdresser. For customers only the best is enough, also regarding hair brushes.

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