OI - All in one milk


OI - All in one milk


OI - All in one milk
The All in One Milk of Davines convinces with its untangling function and thus improves combability.

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The multifunction product of the OI series by Davines gives lots of shine and makes your hair silky and soft. The convincing untangling function of the All in One Milk by Davines improves combing both in dry as well as in damp hair. The Antifrizz function protects the structure from annoying curling with moisturizing properties. The caare-milk also provides protection against heat from stlying utensils.


10 to 15 doses should be injected into towel-dried hair and massaged in. Rinsing is not necessary. The amount may vary depending on your hair type and desired styling, so it is advisable to start with a rather small amoutn and then increase the amount in further applications.

For brittle and dull hair, the milk can be distributed directly in the hands and kneaded into dry hair - especially into the tips.


The excellent moisturizing effect is due to the composition of provitamin B5 and Roucou oil. Furthermore is cell aging slowed down, mainly thanks to this the oil.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  More shine  Heat protection 
Marke Davines

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