Naturaltech - Well Being Shampoo


Naturaltech - Well Being Shampoo


Naturaltech - Well Being Shampoo
Wellbeing of Davines shampoo is a care product for all hair types.

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The Well Being Shampoo is suitable for all hair types. The Davines product makes the hair soft and supple and revitalized the scalp.


Apply a small amount when shampooing the hair and leave it to act on the hair for a short time. Then wash thoroughly and possibly repeat a second time.

It is recommended to use the shampoo between applications of different Naturaltech products. Best when there are no acute problems. So the hair and scalp can be perfectly relaxed.


Especially the Vitamin C supplies the hair with essential nutrients and may have a construction product and an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, Echinacea extracts have an antioxidative effect.

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Hair type Scalp soothing 
Marke Davines

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