Naturaltech - Replumping Conditioner


Naturaltech - Replumping Conditioner


Naturaltech - Replumping Conditioner
The Replumping Conditioner by Davines gives the hair elasticity and bounce.

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Problems with knotted hair? Then the Replumping Conditioner guarantees help. Thanks to its untangling function, the hair becomes elastic and soft again. In addition, the product of the Davines Naturaltech Series provides the hair with sufficient moisture and protects it from persistent, external influences.


Simply massage it into your wet hair, then leave it to act on your hair for a short time (about 2-3 min) and wash it out again. The effect can be multiplied by using the Replumping Shampoo before using the Replumping Conditioner.


The essential oil Petit Grain gives hair bounce and bundles it in a compact fashion. The selected composition of mild surfactants and plum extract prevents hair from aging and supports the cleansing effect.

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