Naturaltech - Nourishing Hair Building Pak


Naturaltech - Nourishing Hair Building Pak


Naturaltech - Nourishing Hair Building Pak
Nourishing Hair Building Pak nourishes the hair and makes it appear in a new light.

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The Naturaltech - Nourishing Hair Building Pak is a Restructuring hair mask of the brand Davines. It is supportive for the establishment and maintenance of your hair structure and gives a new shine and a fuller smoothness to your hair.


Per application, distribute 15g well in the entire hair length and let it act on the hair for about ten minutes. The best is then to brush you hair well before a thorough flushing. The perfect finishing is secured until the end.

The Nourishing Hair Building Pak can be applied as often as desired.


The grape extracts guarantee thanks to their polyphenols a detoxification of your hair. Hydrolyzed Keratin improves the structure of the hair structure.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  More shine 
Marke Davines

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