Naturaltech - Energizing Shampoo


Naturaltech - Energizing Shampoo


Naturaltech - Energizing Shampoo
Energizin Shampoo by Davines for a thorough deep cleansing and improved bloodcirculation in the scalp.

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The Energizing Shampoo of the Naturaltech Series by Davines creates a mild deep cleansing and stimulates the blood-circulation of the scalp. In addition, the gentle shampoo ensures a detoxification of your hair and scalp. The high quality product has an revitalizing and energizing result thanks to its fine composition of essential oils.


For an intensive use, it is advisable to use the product every other day for a time span of a month. If you want to achieve a long-lasting care effect, it should be used more than two months, twice a week.

Per application use only about 20g during the washing and wash the shampoo out afterwards. If desired, the process can be carried out several times.


Beta-glucans belong to the group of polysaccharides. They effectively ensure cell protection. Their effect is complemented by the caffeine extracts stimulating the cell metabolism. The detoxifying effect is mainly due to the protein Sirtuin which gives the hair a healthy and shiny appearance thanks to its antioxidants.

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Hair type Scalp soothing 
Marke Davines

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