Naturaltech - Energizing Gel


Naturaltech - Energizing Gel


Naturaltech - Energizing Gel
Energizing Gel by Davines strengthens the hair and repairs damaged hair cells.

Size: 150ml

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The Energizing Gel of the Naturaltech Series by Davines is the product of trust in case of occasional hair loss. Here it can be used preventively, so that the hair loss can be minimized. The revitalizing gel stimulates the circulation, thus ensuring gradually that also damaged hair is full and healthy again. In addition to excitation of the renewing of the hair, it also guarantees a decent finish.


Following shampooing, briefly dry the hair with the towel and coarsely distribute approximately 10g Energizing Gel by Davines on a large area of the scalp, gently massage it in and do not wash it out again.

As a precautionary measure, you should use this shampoo twice a week over a time span of three months.


Beta-glucan, a polysaccharide, supports the protection of hair cells and even revives the bloodstream. Similarly to the contained caffeine extracts, which also stimulate the cell metabolism. The protein sirtuin finally provides the basic building blocks for the detoxifying function.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  Damaged hair  Hair loss 
Marke Davines

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