More Inside - This is a Strong Hold Cream Gel


More Inside - This is a Strong Hold Cream Gel


More Inside - This is a Strong Hold Cream Gel
This is a Stronghold Cream Gel by Davison guarantees a safe hold for all hair types.

Size: 125ml

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This is a Strong Hold Cream Gel de Davison gives the styling definition and maintenance. It strengthens the hair structure from the inside out and leaves no residue even after frequent application. The wet-effect of styling gel from the More Inside series gives every styling a modern touch. That the cream gel is free from paraben and contains no artificial colors, testifies to its high quality.


A hazelnut-sized amount of hair gel should always be massaged into dry hair, thanks to the long modeling-characteristics it can be, compared to other hair gels, be formed very well. Use between four to eight grams, the ideal amount for medium length hair.


The anti-curl-factor enables a defined and structured modeling without frizz-effect while the extra-moisturizing factor ensures that the hair does not get damaged or breaks. With this ideal composition, the hair always remains soft and supple even after regular use of this gel.

Additional Information

Hair type Anti frizz / unruly hair 
Marke Davines

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