More Inside - This is a Sea Salt Spray


More Inside - This is a Sea Salt Spray

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More Inside - This is a Sea Salt Spray
This is a Sea Salt Spray is a hairspray of Davines, which ensures the unique recipe of sea salt for a special volume.
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The hairspray of the More Inside Series by Davines, This is a Sea Salt Spray, gives your hair the extra volume. In addition, it offers the dreamlike drying effect, which can appear the hair dry naturally and tousled. Quite as if just a breath of fresh sea breeze wafted through the hair. The hair is not electrostatically charged. This hairspray contains, compared to many similar products, no paraben and is also dye-free.


The application depends highly on the effect to be achieved. For a voluminous look, the spray should be sprayed on towel-dried hair - about five grams should be sufficient. Shall volume and matt effect be enhanced, it is recommended to spray the Sea Salt Spray onto dry hair. Here already an amount of about three grams is sufficient.


The extra moisture factor ensures a healthy appearance of the hair, while the sea salt strengthens the hair structure in a natural way and achieved the unique Windy look.

Additional Information

Hair type Anti frizz / unruly hair 
Marke Davines


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