Boss Hair Dryer

Boss Hair Dryer

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Boss Hair Dryer
Boss Hair Dryer
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Product description

Boss Hair Dryer - the hair dryer for great styling and supple hair. Thanks to the unique ion technology, the hair becomes shiny and the dangers of heat damage are greatly reduced. The negatively charged ions smooth the surface of the hair and thusreduce frizz. Also the static charging of the hair by heated air or hair brushes and split ends are conteracted by the ion technology of the Boss Hair Dryer. The Boss Hair Dryer has a speed controller with a cold air button that allows you to have gentle and fast drying, as well as individual styling. The stylish design, the ergonomic shape and the supplied hairbrush make your daily styling fun and easy at the same time.





Additional Information

Hair type Curly hair 
Effect Straighten hair

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