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Curl styling unit for perfect curls with no efforts and for all hair lengths
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The MiraCurl by BaByliss Pro is a true masterpiece and allows to create beautiful, long lasting curls for all hair lengths with very little efforts. The automatic mechanism makes hair styling easier than ever before! It is equipped with the high-tech MaxLifePro motor, which ensures super-fast heating up. The hair is automatically being shaped in the MiraCurl ceramic curl chamber.

The MiraCurl can be controlled via three functions:
The temperature can be controlled in three stages of 190 ° C, 210 ° C and 230 ° C. We recommend to always use the lowest possible temperature to protect your hair from heat damage. The temperature 190 ° C is best for fine hair.
The temperature 210 ° C is suitable for medium-heavy hair and defined curls, and the temperature of 230 ° C is suitable for thick hair and defined curls with hold up to 3 days.
Also, three different time settings (8, 10 or 12 seconds) influence the curling result. The more time, the more defined are the curls. Again, for fine hair less time is needed than for thick hair.
In addition, the time setting can be controlled manually by setting the switch to «0».
The desired rotation direction of the curls can be set. This way you can get either left or right turning curls, or random for natural curls.


  1. First wash your hair and dry it completely (with the hair dryer or in the air). Then use a heat protecting product to prevent hair breakage by heat and, if desired, a styling product.
  2. Comb your hair thoroughly so the entire hair is free of knots.
  3. Divide the hair into strands with the use of hair pins. Pin the cover hair up to get started with the lower hair layer.
  4. Take a max. 3 cm wide hair strand and make sure it is knot-free and completely separated from the rest of the hair.
  5. Take the heated MiraCurl device and make the desired settings of temperature, duration and direction. Pay attention to the lock chamber: it is very important to keep the unit with the correct «end» towards the head (see operating instructions and stickers on the device). Catch the strand with the MiraCurl et voilà: it is automatically being drawn in and curled. When the set time is reached, the unit beeps gently.
  6. Work your way from strands to strands through your hair.
  7. Fix the curls directly after application for perfectly defined curls, or loosen the curls a bit with your fingers for more natural curls. If you feel that the curls are too defined, you can brush them gently with the hairbrush. A defined wave splendor remains behind.

Other advantages

  • Standby mode after 20 minutes, automatic shutdown after 60 minutes
  • Rotating cable of 2.70 meters in length for optimum styling flexibility

The MiraCurl device will be delivered with a 2 year warranty.

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