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Shave - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil

Shave - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil

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Shave - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil
Shaving Oil to prevent skin irritations
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post AME00051

Size: 50ml

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The Shave - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil American Crew covers the skin for a targeted and easy shave without feeling greasy. Soothing oils, such as eucalyptus and clove oil help prevent cuts, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The beard is softened faster with application of shaving cream for a precise shave . With natural astringents that penetrate into the pores, skin is refreshed and cooled. Cleans excess fat, blemishes and dry skin cells. When oil is applied to your beard, a smooth shave is allowed to prevent cuts, nicks, or skin redness. To prepare for shaving, oil is applied before using shaving cream or gel. The product is ideal for detailed works, such as sideburns and goatees. Suggested for those prone to skin irritation after shaving.


After the face has been moistened with warm water, apply the product and shave as usual.

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