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Shave - Precision Shave Gel

Shave - Precision Shave Gel

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Shave - Precision Shave Gel
Moisturising Shaving Gel
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post AME00249

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The Shave - Precision Shave Gel American Crew allows an optimum shaving motion for an exact and clean shave. The contained substances, such as pumpkin seed extracts and tea tree oil leaves your skin smooth. Helps redness and irritation. Minerals, such as zinc support skin during cell renewal and delivers moisture . Sebum production is regulated by essential fatty acids. Antibacterial properties soothe and nourish irritated skin. Skin receives necessary moisture, is supple and heals with antimicrobial and anti-relieving properties. Is ideal for smaller shaves in the neck or face. Also for sideburns or head. Suitable for detailed work or cleaning the neck for an optimal shave.


After the face has been moistened with warm water, apply shaving gel and shave as usual. The subsequent application of the Post-Shave Cooling Lotion is recommended. To achieve an even more precise shave, apply the gel under the Lubricating Shave Oil.

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