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American Crew Grooming Starter Kit

American Crew Grooming Starter Kit

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American Crew Grooming Starter Kit
Grooming kit for kids
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The American Crew Grooming Starter Kit includes the perfect ingredients and utensils for a playful styling for our little ones! The comb is made of wood has coarse and finely rounded tines, which are especially gentle for fine children's hair and scalp.
The Light Hold Gel is easily distributed in young hair, and makes it easier to style. It also gives a slight shine.
The American Crew Pomade can be applied with the fingertips at desired spots, to give the final touch or to style unique strands in a peppier way. 


Light Hold Styling Gel: Apply a small amount into hand-dried hair after washing. Style as desired and air dry.
Pomade: Apply to your hands and style your desired accents with your fingers. With thick hair or many hair, the pomade can also be used more generously.


In order not to make the fine children's hair appear flat, first go sparingly with the gel and the pomade. If necessary, more gel or pomade can still be applied.


King of Men’s Grooming Comb
Light Hold Gel
American Crew Pomade

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