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Classic - Molding Clay

Classic - Molding Clay

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American Crew

Classic - Molding Clay
Clay for all hair types
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post AME00098

Size: 85ml

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The Concentrated Styling force of Classic - Molding Clay American Crew can be used on all hair types for optimal style. The presence of natural extracts and beeswax provide shape and texture so hair can be touched with a natural holding force . Hair and scalp are stimulated by white clay from Paris Basin for a natural healing process. Styling improves viscosity, gives hair a smooth texture for easy processing. Hair and scalp are optimally supplied with moisture. The product is ideal for short styles to boast natural and gentle fragrance. The refreshing and soothing aroma is achieved through orange, peppermint, spearmint oils and lima. Optimally suitable for those who enjoy sports and tend to perspire.


Put a small amount of clay between the palms and rub, so that the product is soft. Then evenly incorporate into still damp hair.

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