About us

About shampoo.ch

Shampoo.ch GmbH.  is a young, growing and innovative company seated in Zurich. On our online shop shampoo.ch, we offer all kinds of professional hair products for hair care and hair styling that are available in hair salons. All products can easily be bought online and we guarantee a free and simple delivery to your home directly.

A professional and efficient service is of particular importance for us, especially since shampoo.ch is not only a simple online shop offering professional hair care products. Thanks to our affiliate, the hair salon André Joe, that is located at the very heart of Zurich main station, the small team around the director Andrew Tresch offers high quality consultation and a shopping experience at its best.

Hence, shampoo.ch  is keen on offering at its growing costumers community an impeccable hair care service and on giving its clients the possibility to benefit from attractive prices all around the offered products. Offering the best value for your money in terms of professional hair care and styling products, combined with professional customer service, is one of the main characteristics of shampoo.ch and has become the main motto of our company.

Becoming self-employed

Courage and endurance may be one of the most important conditions when one switches from his or her studies to the first self-employment, but being independent also takes a toll on various things. Those who want to become independent and who aspire to make a profession out of their passion know that this is a preliminary condition for having an exciting and successful professional career. This was also the case of shampoo.ch’s founder Andrew Tresch, who created the company on his own in order to embody his passion for style and fashion and to express his sense of trends.

His enthusiasm for hairstyling and his sense of customer service and consultation facilities take their roots in the realm of his private life and his family, who successfully runs various hair salons in the very heart of Zurich.
With his start-up idea of shampoo.ch, Andrew Tresch managed to create a small but effective and creative company that nevertheless works in the spirit of family and fellowship. Even though coordination and prioritization may sometimes be an issue, it is of major importance to find the right balance between patience and successful communication in order to enable the company’s success.

After all, the clients are mostly responsible for giving success to a concept and to confirm its existence. This is the reason why the clients are always the first priority for us.

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